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Why should you control rabbit infestations

Rabbits cause damage to your plants and lawn by eating, digging and scratching.

On agricultural land 1 rabbit per hectare can decrease your production yield by 1% per rabbit left alive.  Therefore it is easy to estimate the damage that can be caused by rabbit infestation.

What can you do before rabbit treatment begins?

Try to locate their holes, and clear any vegetation that may hide them and mark them so they are easier to find when your rabbit controller arrives.

Giant Rabbit Terrorising South Warwickshire
Please note: If you look very closely you may see that the above photo is not actually a rabbit.

How are rabbit problems treated?

Depending on the scale of infestation there are three options for the control of rabbits.  Live trapping in special cages, in which the rabbit will be caught alive and then taken away to be quickly and humanly despatched.  Ferreting which entails placing highly efficient ferrets in the rabbit holes until they are chased out and then humanely despatched.  Finally, Phostoxin can be used if the infestation is quite heavy.  Phostoxin tablets are placed in the runs and when they come into contact with moisture they release a gas called Aluminium Phosphide which is lethal to rabbits.

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