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How will you know if you have a woodworm problem?

The usual signs are small round clean holes in the wood with fine sawdust type material Running out of the holes and falling in piles below them. You may also see the beetles. The holes are caused by the adults exiting the wood to breed. This normally takes place between May and September.

Why should woodworm be treated?

Woodworm infestation can in extreme cases cause structural damage to your property if not treated effectively. This problem does not only affect older properties but can in fact cause damage to newly constructed buildings.

Woodworm Treatment Shipston Warwickshire
Warwickshire Woodworm Treatment

What can you do before treatment?

Log where you see new signs of sawdust on your floors or other surfaces below timber in your house. Let me know exactly where it is.

How will I treat the infestation of woodworm?

I will carry out an in depth survey to ensure that it is Woodworm that is the problem. This is essential because different types of wood boring insects require different chemicals for effective treatment. Once satisfied that it is woodworm I will spray all affected areas with a micro-emulsion spray containing Permethrin. This is a contact insecticide that is especially effective in the eradication of Woodworm. I will spray all affected areas at least 3 times to ensure complete absorption of the chemicals and eradication of the insects.

What happens after treatment?

You do not need to do anything except observe and let me know if there is any future activity. Warwickshire Shipston Woodworm Treatment

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